August 23

Raising Puppy-Submissive Peeing


A lot of puppies will do submissive peeing. And it's simply because they're overexcited, they can't really control their bladder. A lot of that we can prevent and avoid by our body language and how we're interacting with the puppy in those initial moments.

Now this also might be, you know how somebody else is interacting with our puppy, we might need to step in and say, whoa whoa whoa, don't... you know don't address her right away. She, you know, she gets overexcited and pees, let's go outside to do an introduction. That way, at least the dogs gonna pee outside, if they're gonna pee.

99% of dogs get over it, and that one person could get over it too, by following these steps.

Pay Attention to The Trigger 

Our body posture can be very important. If you're leaning over the dog, it can be kind of intimidating, so we don't want to unintentionally intimidate them and make them pee. So let's say your dog pees, as soon as they come out of the crate. One of the very best things you can do is put the leash and collar on while they're in their crate and immediately scoot outside to have that pee. That way there's no 'Hey, how you doing? I missed you!' And they get all excited and oooh! they let go of their bladder. 

You can avoid that by just going outside letting them pee, then go through all your niceties of 'Hey, I missed you.'

Another really common time when we have submissive peeing is when somebody else goes to say hi to our dog. So again, we can do that outside. And one of the best things that I like to do to avoid this submissive peeing, I had one dog that was a full adult, you know, two year old German Shepherd that was still submissive peeing.

Set Them Up for Success 

And the way we changed his mind is to get him to focus on food all the time. So when he would meet somebody else, I would go and give that person some food. And they would interact with him through food for the first while until that's really all he anticipated. And he had enough positive experiences of not submissively peeing when he met somebody that his body just kind of retrained it to not pee.

So the same applies with your puppy, if they're interacting with the person through food as opposed to just, 'Yeah, you're so great, I love you!' It gives them something constructive to focus on. And that way, they're less likely to think about just peeing.

A lot of it was submissive peeing is just setting them up for success.

Having them outside, getting them to interact with food, and going through the steps of having a puppy because a lot of them will do it, but a lot of them will get over it.


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