June 23

Raising Puppy-House Training


Okay, so house training,

I get calls all the time from people that have a 6, 7, 8 month old ... teenagers... not puppies anymore. And they're having problems with the dog messing in the house.

They didn't do their house training consistently.

Your best friend for house training properly is a crate, not a pee pad. You might use a pee pad initially, but you really want to phase off of them very quickly, even if the breeder was using them.

Use a Crate to House Train Your Dog

Unless you want to teach your dog to pee in your house, which I don't think a lot of people do.

So using that crate to your advantage when you can't watch the dog, put them in a crate and watch the whole video on crate training a puppy (in the online course).

99% of the time when someone is a having problem with house training, it's because they're not watching the puppy. So use one of your two best friends not the leash, but the crate and the leash is a good idea too so that way if you can't watch your puppy though, put them in the kennel because they're probably you know, scurrying around the corner to have a pee or poop. And we want to be consistent getting them out on a regular basis so that they learn to eliminate outside.

Are you paying attention to the signs?  

You can teach your puppy to ring a bell to go outside some dogs will be vocal about it and kind of go over to the door and whine or bark or scratch the door. And sometimes we have to teach them to give us cues.

But again, a lot of it comes down to, are you paying attention looking for those signs? Is the dog going around sniffing the ground and looking for a spot and kind of circling a little bit? That's your cue (to) get off your tush and grab that puppy and go outside on leash. So that way you can establish a routine, a place to go to one designated spot stand there on leash, you know, get an audio book or bring a book with you or just learn how to meditate and breathe.

Yes, Meditate and Breathe! 

You might be out there for a while because puppies tend to pee two or three times. So one thing that I did with Vega, we would go for a walk first thing in the morning. Until she peed twice and at least had one poop we weren't coming back inside. And then I wasn't frustrated when I came back inside. She eliminated and then if I needed to tend to something, in the crate she went.


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