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Getting a puppy can be super exciting and super overwhelming. Evan Doggett has got a few dos and don'ts, a few tips and tricks for choosing a breed of puppy best for you and the family, how to socialize, desensitize a pup, what to feed your puppy, and a whole lot more.

1. Anyone looking for a guide/plan to work/ improve understanding of and relationship with their dog.

2. Anyone with a puppy between 7 weeks and 5 months

3. Anyone looking for Off-Leash obedience, Aggression rehab, Reactivity (barking, lunging, out of control)

Benefit Title 1

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New Puppy? Start Here

Is your puppy between 7 weeks and 5 months old? Start with our recommendations below.

Unwanted Behaviours

Looking for off-leash obedience, aggression rehab, reactivity (barking, lunging, out of control)? Listen to Evan's recommendations below.

Pet Parenthood

Yeup, pet parenthood is a real thing! And the human/dog bond is a precious relationship with lots of rewards. Discover how you can learn and grow with your canine with our top episode pics below.


Is your dog suffering from anxiety? Pay attention to their body language. Subtle signs can include overreactions or unusual reactions to situations or people. Listen to the episodes below to learn how you can help your dog.

FAST and fun.

Doggett Style 7 Elements:

learn & grow with your dog

We focus on more than just obedience because we know your dog isn’t a robot but a family member. With this in mind, we’ve packaged a one-stop resource where you can learn about all things dog and become a better pet parent!

Meet the Trainer

My name is Evan Doggett and yes that’s my real last name. I was bred for this job ; ). I’ve always been crazy about dogs. One of my earliest memories is of me running around my neighborhood barking at cats… like I said, crazy about dogs! 

I’ve traveled the world and spent countless hours studying various methods and learning from some of the best (and sometimes worst : ( dog trainers. It’s been extremely important to me to understand the many ways of communicating with, and teaching dogs so that I can best serve every unique dog and their people.
I don’t claim to know everything. And I never will. But I love to learn and I love to teach so I promise I’ll keep doing both in pursuit of helping you and your dog grow together : )

Latest From the Podcast

A lot of puppies will do submissive peeing. And it’s simply because they’re overexcited, they can’t really control their bladder. A lot of that we can prevent and avoid by our body language and how we’re interacting with the puppy in those initial moments. Now this also might be, you know how somebody else is interacting <br>CLICK TO LISTEN

Raising Puppy-Submissive Peeing

Bonjour, again! Alright, so a lot of people… it’s come to my attention, I didn’t even know that this was the thing is: that parents are getting their dogs for their kids for their young kids like, whatever under 10, or any age as a stuffed animals… like in the replacement of a stuffed animal. Now, hear <br>CLICK TO LISTEN

Puppy Not a Stuffy

Okay, so house training, I get calls all the time from people that have a 6, 7, 8 month old … teenagers… not puppies anymore. And they’re having problems with the dog messing in the house. They didn’t do their house training consistently. Your best friend for house training properly is a crate, not a pee pad. You <br>CLICK TO LISTEN

Raising Puppy-House Training

Raising a Puppy during a Pandemic can be confusing. This episode gives some practical tips scattered with some non sensical moments…as per normal. Get your copy of the 7 Elements Doggett Style online dog training program by clicking here and discover how to train your dog in a fun and easy way!

Ep 23 – Raising a Puppy During a Pandemic, Part 1

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