Imagine: In Only 10 Minutes a Day You Can Have a Dog That's Super Well Trained!

Discover the Easiest Way to Train Your Puppy & Build a Stronger Relationship!

If you are struggling with biting, nipping, barking, chewing, walking on leash, potty training, or any unwanted behavior then get excited because our system will forever change you, your puppy, and your family for the better!

Bonjour! Evan here. Let me ask you a few questions: 

  • Are you unsure about what to do or where to start with your new puppy?
  • Are you experiencing issues with barking, lunging, or nipping?
  • Does your puppy not pay (enough) attention to you?
  • Does your puppy have high levels of distractions on walks: squirrels, balls, meeting people or other dogs?
  • Is your puppy overly excited and it's hard to calm them down?
  • Or perhaps, the puppy you've brought home is full of fear or anxiety?

If you've answered yes to any (or maybe all) of these questions, you're not alone!

I'm here to help you!

All you need is a Leash, some Food, a Puppy...
and the Doggett Style Online Course!

Having a dog that doesn’t listen sucks. For years my dog Rush didn’t listen and it caused all kinds of anxiety. I was constantly embarrassed by him barking at other dogs and strangers. He would pull me when I took him for a walk. One time he crossed in front of me while on a walk and I crashed to the ground, scraping my knees and elbows. So much fun… Not! I was constantly searching for answers on Google or YouTube typing in things like “Best way to get my dog to stop pulling” or “What kind of food should I feed” just to find myself more confused and uncertain then before I started.

All this searching on Youtube and Google made my ‘dog problems’ worse. I would jump from one ‘solution’ to the next without ever getting real results. Even more aggravating was when I had already tried the method or tool recommended by the ‘expert’ and it hadn’t worked… 

As I mentioned above, Rush pulled on leash. The ‘Guy on Youtube’ told me to use a harness- that would fix my issue! But I had ALREADY tried a harness… and he still took me off my feet… So now what?  

I couldn’t afford a personal trainer and even big group classes were hundreds of dollars… and who wants to pay all that money and to constantly be told by the instructor that ‘your dog is too rowdy right now and you need to leave the room until he calms down before you can come back in’… when the problem clearly isn’t in the hallway?! How is that helpful? It’s not.

This is literally what led me to become a dog trainer.

You don’t need to waste all your time on futile and confusing Internet searches. You don’t need to continue to struggle or be frustrated. 

You also don’t need to do what I did and devote a decade of time and tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to train your dog. I’ve weeded out what works and what doesn’t work and simplified everything- because you don’t need ‘fancy jargon’ to be an amazing dog parent!

I’ve worked in or studied in almost every pet space and philosophy to bring you only the best in all 7 areas of your dog’s life!

We live in a busy world. Our time is limited and as a Husband, Dad, business owner, coach and multi-passionate human being, I get it. That’s why the videos are short and to the point.

This course is SOLID and built on the thousands of successful clients that I’ve led and coached. But it doesn’t feel heavy. It’s super Fun, 100% Real and from what I’ve been told, it’s as Binge-worthy as Netflix! (Thank you people. 😉 )

Why so Serious right? Dog Training should be fun too! Get fired up. You are going to Love this course!

. . . Doggett Style Puppy Course 2.0

This is hands down the best resource for any puppy parent because it covers all major topics related to your puppy’s life: 

  • Their First 24 Hours,
  • Submissive Peeing
  • Leash Walking,
  • Raising a Puppy,
  • Rough with Kids,
  • House Training, and
  • Nipping, Biting, Mouthing

If you’ve got a problem or question, you’re likely to find the answer in a quick, easy to follow video. There’s also a step-by-step guide so you’ll always know what to work on next if you want more direction.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

As soon as you sign up you’ll get an email giving you access to the course right away! There are 3 short videos that you have to watch and then BAM! It’s wide open so you can browse and start working on whatever you want to without having to wait! 

You’ll also get the 7 Day Blueprint if you WANT more direction.

We’ve also included other worksheets and printables so you can track and monitor your progress!

 You have 24/7 access for LIFE so you can come back at any point if life gets hectic or you just want to review. You are going to Love it and your dog will thank you for this new productive time together!


Your dog will learn new and essential skills.


You will gain confidence by knowing what the right thing to do is, when to do it and how to effectively implement it.


No more confusion or overwhelm because you’ll have a clear plan AND a blueprint to follow.


No more wasted time on Google Searches and YouTube.

Over 700 people have already taken the course and Loved it!

Here’s what they're saying about the course ...

Kylene MacKillop

"What an investment!

We couldn't be happier with the results and 100% endorse Evan and his genius ways. Pip now listens, responds to commands, and has stopped nipping!"

Susan Ross MacDonald

"His video demonstrations are great.

Evan explains everything clearly and gives instructions that are easy to follow.  He is super knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him." 

Matt DeCoste

"Evan’s training has been extremely beneficial and is 100% worth it.

We saw a huge improvement in Waylon’s (Golden Retriever) obedience. He comes to us instantly and stays in our yard without a tether, and walks off-leash, even downtown! Evan’s methods are extremely effective and the dog’s well-being is always of the utmost importance to him."

Learn the














Module 1: Obedience

Everyone wants their dog to listen to them but no one wants to spend countless hours trying to figure out how to do that! So we have created a program that only takes 3-5 minutes a day with only a Leash and the power of Food Motivation! 


Module 2: Health

You want your dog to be as healthy as they can be, right? Us too! So we’ve included a bunch of topics including: Exercise, Interviews with Vets, Kibble vs Raw, Gut Health, Essential Oils, and more!


Module 3: Fixing Unwanted Behaviours

Now we both know your dog is an “Angel” but there are probably a few items on the naughty list too! You’ll  learn different ways to deal with unwanted behaviors like excessive Barking, Jumping, Nipping, Toy Obsession, and so much more!


Module 4: Body Language & Social Skills

Your dog speaks a different language than you— it’s time you learned it! There are signs that you should know so you can better help your dog navigate the world. There is also a whole section on Social Skills as well! 


Module 5: Raising a Puppy or Rescue Dog

This section is two-fold. There is loads of content on Raising a Puppy AND Raising a Rescue Dog! You'll find everything from your first 24 hours with your puppy or rescue, to Crate Training, Nipping, Socializing, Problem-Solving and more! 


Module 6: Leadership

Learn how to build a stronger relationship with your dog- based on respect NOT fear. You'll also learn helpful life-skills and how to change your Own unwanted behaviors so that you can be your Best Self.


Module 7: Play

There are endless ways to play with your dog. In this section Evan explains some pros and cons of different ways to play and teaches things like Tug, Fetch, Free Shaping and more!


Speed up your results with these Bonuses!

Bonus 1
7-Day Blueprint to Train Your Dog

($37 value)

This is a written plan so you
Never Feel Lost or Confused
about What to Do!  

While this course is designed to allow you freedom to choose what you want to learn about, we also give you this 7-day Blueprint as a guide in case you WANT more direction.

This is the exact sequence of videos that Evan would follow if HE were doing the course.  

Bonus 2
Pup Boost Smoothie Recipe

($27 value)

We’ve teamed up with the amazing company Woofer Wellness to bring you a simple and safe recipe that will boost your dog’s immune system and have their body and mind ready to learn!

This is an amazing and easy way to introduce some fresh food so your dog can learn faster, shed less, and overall Feel Better!

Bonus 3
A Day in the Life with Willis the Bulldog Puppy

($47 value)

In this video, Evan shows you 
exactly what he does when training
a new puppy

From morning to evening, you’ll
get to see Evan take Willis through his day: socializing with others, obedience training, dealing with nipping and mouthing and also desensitization.

This Bonus will give you a great ‘real life’ example of what you can do to make sure you have a super well rounded puppy.


About The Course Teacher, Evan Doggett

During University, Evan adopted a rescue dog named Rush. Due to his incessant need to ‘misbehave,’ and Evan's need to prove that getting a dog in 3rd year University wasn’t "a horrible idea,” he began to pursue dog training. 

Evan has studied directly under Cesar Millan “The Dog Whisperer,” Duke Ferguson, Kayce Cover, Wendy and Jack Volhard, Su Burnett, and more. He has spent countless hours learning different methods to bring you the best and leave out the rest.

"I believe dog training should be FUN, QUICK AND SIMPLE."

Here’s what people are saying about your trainer, Evan ...

Alexa Goucher

"We have taken our dog to several trainers and there is no comparison to Evan.

He’s not only great with dogs, but he’s also great with people. He listens and works with you and your dog to get the results you want. After 5 weeks everyone has seen a positive difference in Kai’s behaviour."

Marie-Josée Grouix

"Evan is very talented! 

We first came to him for help with Bowser’s protection issues. Not only has he worked on those issues but he also provided us with the knowledge and tools to continue training at home."

Chad Marshall

"We highly recommend Evan!

The results were amazing! I never dreamed my dog would be able to go for a walk off-leash or behave when company comes over!"


Other dog training companies are charging between $97-$497 for EACH Module that is less thorough and has boring drawn out videos.

That’s upwards of $3479!

Not Doggett Style. We are all about over delivering, accessibility and

making sure you are completely taken care of! 

Learn how to build a stronger relationship with your puppy in a Quick, Easy, Fun way! 



Price below is in CAD.


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • 10+ Hours of Video Content
  • BONUS: 7 Day Blueprint to Train Your Dog ($37 value)
  • BONUS: Pup Boost Smoothie Recipe ($27 value)
  • BONUS: A Day in the Life with Willis the Bulldog Puppy ($47 value)


A portion of the proceeds will go to Charity Water™
because people matter too!


Price below is in USD.


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • 10+ Hours of Video Content
  • BONUS: 7 Day Blueprint to Train Your Dog ($37 value)
  • BONUS: Pup Boost Smoothie Recipe ($27 value)
  • BONUS: A Day in the Life with Willis the Bulldog Puppy ($47 value)


A portion of the proceeds will go to Charity Water™
because people matter too!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We honor a 14-day no-hassle, money back guarantee. You can submit
your request within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Peter Ciancarelli

"You are going to laugh, learn and be addicted to watching these videos!

Evan is an awesome teacher. He’s the kind of guy you want to have over to dinner. There’s something there for everyone. I’ve learned a lot. It’s a relief to find a program like this."

Nicole Saniga

"The Doggett Style Training Program was exactly what we needed. 

It matches our balanced training approach and philosophies on creating a great relationship with your pup.  It's super fun and lighthearted, clear and easy to follow.  Also, the idea that the videos are all broken into small segments is so great - this way viewers can go back to the exact concept or training piece that they want to review."

Glenda Sanders

"For anyone contemplating the Doggett Style Dog Training; DO IT! And here’s why...

(Our dog) decided it was time for a run outside “sans-leash” 😲
Using the training, he did a “watch me”, a “sit”, and a great “stay” which allowed me to get a leash back onto him and redirect him back into the house.
This is a total 180 from when he first got here and we can’t wait to see how he improves over time!"

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

It's simple. When you buy the course now, you have lifetime access. There are no limitations, you can watch the videos as much and as often as you want.

Do I have to do the course all at once?

Not at all. You can focus on the areas you need right now. If you just got a puppy and you want to go through the puppy module first - no problem. You can use the course as you want or need.

Will it work for my dog?

Yes, it can work for your dog. In 3-5 minutes a day, 3-5 times a day you can have an amazing relationship with your dog. The key to success: apply what you learn.

How much does the course cost?

We have made it affordable so it's accessible to everyone. There is also a payment plan available. Please see the pricing below to see your payment options based on where you live.

When does the course start?

You will receive access immediately after purchase. Check your email for your login information. 

What do I need to do the course?

Great question! You need a leash, some food, and a dog. To view the course videos you'll also need internet access.

Is it beginner friendly?

Absolutely! I don't use any fancy jargon or deliver long lectures. The course is quick, it's easy, it's fun. 

And, if you're a dog trainer, you can follow along and learn how to train other people.

Do I have to be in Canada? Is it okay if I'm overseas?

As long as you have internet, you can do this course.



Price below is in CAD.


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • 10+ Hours of Video Content
  • BONUS: 7 Day Blueprint to Train Your Dog ($37 value)
  • BONUS: Pup Boost Smoothie Recipe ($27 value)
  • BONUS: A Day in the Life with Willis the Bulldog Puppy ($47 value)


A portion of the proceeds will go to Charity Water™
because people matter too!


Price below is in USD.


  • Lifetime Access
  • Immediate Start
  • 10+ Hours of Video Content
  • BONUS: 7 Day Blueprint to Train Your Dog ($37 value)
  • BONUS: Pup Boost Smoothie Recipe ($27 value)
  • BONUS: A Day in the Life with Willis the Bulldog Puppy ($47 value)


A portion of the proceeds will go to Charity Water™
because people matter too!

Bonjour! I’m Evan Doggett.

Yup, Doggett. Talk about my job being a “calling” eh? I’ve studied many methods of dog training from some of the best. I’ve trained a ton of dogs and people in every format of class. 

I've made it my mission to simplify dog training and to make it Quick, Easy & Fun!

Over 700 people have already taken the first version of the course and Loved it! So you'll love this 2.0 version even more!

I’m really excited for you to start this journey.


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