Your number one responsibility as a pet parent is to keep your animal safe. 

“Pet Parenthood” is like being a human parent but more complicated because no matter your pet’s age they can’t tell you in words how they are feeling. It’s our job to learn how to interpret what they want and need from us so they can live their best lives. You’d think with an abundance of information available on the internet that getting the correct information would be easy. Unfortunately, you are often only presented with one side of an argument. Here you will find information that helps you come to your own conclusions as to what will best work for you and your dog. 

Your dog strives with a structured routine.

Your dog is a family member and should have rules to follow like everyone else.

Feeding your dog right is the first step in having them listen better!

Pet Parenthood

Yeup, pet parenthood is a real thing! And the human/dog bond is a precious relationship with lots of rewards. Discover how you can learn and grow with your canine with our top episode pics below.


Is your dog suffering from anxiety? Did you know that replacing as little as 10% of your dog’s diet with fresh food can have massive changes to their longevity? And we share so much more.

Unwanted Behaviours

Looking for off-leash obedience, aggression rehab, reactivity (barking, lunging, out of control)? Listen to Evan's recommendations below.


All dogs, including rescue dogs love routine and structure. Don’t let the “rescue dog honeymoon phase” happen to you! Start training right away! 

FAST and fun.

Doggett Style 7 Elements:

learn & grow with your dog

We focus on more than just obedience because we know your dog isn’t a robot but a family member. With this in mind, we’ve packaged a one-stop resource where you can learn about all things dog and become a better pet parent!

Meet Your Trainer

My name is Evan Doggett and yes that’s my real last name. I was bred for this job ; ). I’ve always been crazy about dogs. One of my earliest memories is of me running around my neighborhood barking at cats… like I said, crazy about dogs! 

I’ve traveled the world and spent countless hours studying various methods and learning from some of the best (and sometimes worst : ( dog trainers. It’s been extremely important to me to understand the many ways of communicating with, and teaching dogs so that I can best serve every unique dog and their people.
I don’t claim to know everything. And I never will. But I love to learn and I love to teach so I promise I’ll keep doing both in pursuit of helping you and your dog grow together : )

The Latest From DOGGETT STYLE: The Podcast

Are you confused about your options for dog training? Or what type of trainer you’d like to hire? Well, be slightly less confused as Evan gets into it in this weeks topics. Go to to learn more and check out our affiliate program for Dog Rescues or our Mentorship program for Dog Trainers!Know that you

Ep 38 – 3 Types of Dog Training

Dr. Karen Becker and Rodney Habib from Planet Paws wrote a book called The Forever Dog. It just reached New York Times #1 Best Seller list which is the first time in history for a dog health book. Get your copy of the 7 Elements Doggett Style online dog training program by clicking here and discover how to

Ep 37 – The Forever Dog Book Review

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