Are you a Dog Rescue or Shelter?
Are you working with your local dog community?

BECOME A Doggett Style AFFILIATE to Save Time, Make Money, Help More Dogs!

We Love Working with Rescues:

The Doggett's have always been involved with Rescue organizations. All but one of our many dogs have been rescues. We helped start a rescue so we know first hand that without you countless dogs would never have a chance at finding their forever homes. 

We are Committed to helping Rescue Organizations: 

The 3 classic problems many rescues we work with face are Lack of Time, Trained Fosters, and Money. We've now worked with several rescues who can attest to the fact that after implementing the Doggett Style Online Training Program that they are: 

  • No longer spending countless hours answering the same questions
  • Their Fosters are making lasting changes with every dog
  • Better foster retention
  • They've made a lot of money which has allowed their organization to flourish
  • Fewer dogs are being returned!

Benefits of being a Doggett Style Affiliate: 

  • FREE for Core Staff
  • Major Discounts for Fosters
  • 15% Off for Social Followers
  • 25% Off for Adopters of your dogs
  • 50% Commission on Affiliate Course sales! Bye bye bake sales!


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