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Are you confused about your options for dog training? Or what type of trainer you’d like to hire? Well, be slightly less confused as Evan gets into it in this weeks topics. Go to to learn more and check out our affiliate program for Dog Rescues or our Mentorship program for Dog Trainers!Know that you



A lot of puppies will do submissive peeing. And it's simply because they're overexcited, they can't really control their bladder. A lot of that we can prevent and avoid by our body language and how we're interacting with the puppy

Raising Puppy-Submissive Peeing

Bonjour, again! Alright, so a lot of people... it's come to my attention, I didn't even know that this was the thing is: that parents are getting their dogs for their kids for their young kids like, whatever under 10, or

Puppy Not a Stuffy

Okay, so house training,I get calls all the time from people that have a 6, 7, 8 month old ... teenagers... not puppies anymore. And they're having problems with the dog messing in the house.They didn't do their house training

Raising Puppy-House Training


If I had to pick one single complaint I’ve heard most often over the years from dog owners/parents it would be, “he/she

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Leash Walking Tools

It's a terrible thing to see a dog in fear. Especially when they can't figure out the location of the thing that

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F*ck Fireworks: Ban Everything My Dog Doesn’t Like

Ok so we already know what we can’t do with our puppies during a Global Pandemic. We can’t go to big puppy

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5 Critical Steps to Raising a Puppy During a Global Pandemic

If your dog could speak… a human language that is… what might they say? Would they immediately start singing our praises? How

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Learning Body Language

Meet Your Trainer

My name is Evan Doggett and yes that’s my real last name. I was bred for this job ; ). I’ve always been crazy about dogs. One of my earliest memories is of me running around my neighborhood barking at cats… like I said, crazy about dogs! 

I’ve traveled the world and spent countless hours studying various methods and learning from some of the best (and sometimes worst : ( dog trainers. It’s been extremely important to me to understand the many ways of communicating with, and teaching dogs so that I can best serve every unique dog and their people.
I don’t claim to know everything. And I never will. But I love to learn and I love to teach so I promise I’ll keep doing both in pursuit of helping you and your dog grow together : )

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