My name is Evan Doggett and yes that’s my real last name. I was bred for this job ; ). I’ve always been crazy about dogs. One of my earliest memories is of me running around my neighborhood barking at cats… like I said, crazy about dogs! 

My first job after the lemonade stand was walking two Australian Shepherds when I was 12. After high school, during my years abroad teaching ESL, I found myself caring for street dogs and even adopting one (a Boxer) who unfortunately was stolen 3 days before returning home to Canada. During university, I also walked dogs, worked at a doggy daycare, and a groomer to help pay the bills and stay connected to dogs. In my 3rd year of university, I adopted the dog that started my journey towards becoming a dog trainer. I even quit drinking, worked 3 jobs, and borrowed money from my future mother-in-law to fund my way to California so I could work with National Geographic’s “The Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan! It was an epic start to what has been an epic journey thus far (see bottom of the page for more of my professional training and experience). 
I’ve traveled the world and spent countless hours studying various methods and learning from some of the best (and sometimes worst : ( dog trainers. It’s been extremely important to me to understand the many ways of communicating with, and teaching dogs so that I can best serve every unique dog and their people.
I don’t claim to know everything. And I never will. But I love to learn and I love to teach so I promise I’ll keep doing both in pursuit of helping you and your dog grow together : ) 


The Reason I Became a Trainer . . .

Rush Bangorang Doggett is the reason I became a dog trainer. Not because he was 'the perfect dog.' But because he was far from it! I picked Rush up from the SPCA in Montreal in 2011. Rush was reactive to dogs and certain people. He was aggressive towards cats and livestock. He would jump, nip, and bark for attention. Destroy furniture if left alone and equally break out of his kennel if kenneled. I had no choice but to study everything I could in order to better understand how to control this 'wild child.'

And so began our journey. Rush was up for any challenge big or small and allowed me to become a better trainer and ultimately a more patient human. We lost Rush to Cancer in January of 2021. He helped hundreds of dogs transition from aggressive to social through his career and helped countless people learn to trust 'those scary pitbulls.'

We are eternally grateful to have shared the time we had together. His legacy lives on in memory and as our logo.  


Bonjour! My name is Pipa and I’m originally from Montreal, QC but since Evan paid the lady at the SPCA I’ve been hanging out with him. I love running through the woods, chasing crows, and helping my dad teach dogs how to be social. I now have more bragging rights because my face is the Doggett Style Logo!

Hey! My name is Vega and I became a “Doggett” girl when I was just a baby. I’m a CKC “Master Hunter” and a St.John Ambulance Therapy dog but live for playing frisbee and sneaking into the food room (but don’t tell my Dad!) I only like being social with my brothers but I love all humans!

Hi, my name is Mufasa. I am fluffy and big and have selective hearing. I tricked my dad into thinking I was deaf for the first 3 months after he rescued me but really I was just having fun smelling things. I don’t like it when people assume I like to be pet but rather prefer when people play hard to get. Sorry I have to go now. There are things to bark at.

I'm I'm Lil' Andre. I'm tougher than a dog and can trick any human into petting me for exactly as long as I want them to. That is all. 

Hi my name is Walter. Do you have any food? How much? That's not enough.

A non-exhaustive list of my Professional
Experience and Training:

  • Studied under National Geographic’s “The Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan.
  • Completed the Unleashed Potential K9 certification and 5-year mentorship with Master Trainer Duke Ferguson.
  • Certified in the first level of Syn Alia Training Systems with Kayce Cover.
  • Completion of Animal Communication course with Su Burnett.
  • Completed the Volhard Healthy Dog Conference (and later on was an instructor at their training camp.)
  • Trained upland and waterfowl hunting dogs in British Columbia. 
  • Instructed a Canine Aggression and Reactivity course in Australia with Ted Efthymiadis from Mango Dogs. 
  • Studied and practiced pet grooming for 2 years & worked in Doggy Daycares.
  • I've spent countless hours studying scent detection, tracking, agility, and clicker training.
  • * I even spent a winter training horses just so I could be a better Trainer!